15 Week Update | Miller Baby #3

Ahh well this week I'm 15 weeks which is just crazy to me. I always feel like pregnancy flies by. I did updates every 5 weeks my other 2 and I like to look back on them sometimes to remember what was happening in our family then. We'll see if I can keep up with those the third time around but I'm going to at least give it a shot. 
If you missed our announcement or the details of us finding out you can read that HERE. 
We've had a busy couple months with preparing our house for the market, a couple conferences, a trip to VA for me and the kids (right before quarantine began), selling our house, and buying another one. This is the first week life has felt actually slow for us since the beginning of COVID-19 regulations. We're trying to find the groove of being home all the time and Daddy working from home. I have plenty of moments where I'm ready to pull my hair out but all in all we're taking advantage of the slower pace of life. 
TINY BABY | Levi has officially titled this baby "Tiny Baby" until we know gender and figure out a name. We will find out on May 5th and we'll celebrate with tacos either way says Joel. HA. Tiny Baby seems to be doing great! We got our first couple glimpse of him or her around 8 weeks and everything checked out great at my 12 week appointment. My app says he or she is now as bis as a Hass Avocado -- yumm my fave. 

MOMMA | I am feeling overall pretty good! I'm out of the nauseous phase and getting most of my energy back. I could still use a nap everyday but I don't always get one. Even if I don't I can still stay up til 11 or 12 like my non-pregnant self, I just don't want to get out bed anytime before 8. I've started getting my usual leg cramps and lower back pain... which will likely last until the "stay home order" is over and I get back into going to chiro. This past week I've started to feel the baby move... more like flutters and not yet kicks but it's still so fun. I'm feeling extra thankful to know we'll get a few months in our new house before this little one arrives. Now it's on to packing. 

DADDY | Joel's thoughts right now are that this our first baby that won't come home to this house... our adorable farmhouse out in the country. He's been crazy busy doing all the house things as the reality of us having a 3rd babe made him kick the timeline into high gear. He (and us all) are sad to be leaving our peaceful country house to move into a neighborhood but we're excited for the practicality of more space and being closer to town. I'd say he knocked it out of the park given that 10 weeks ago we found out I was pregnant and we've sold our house and found a new one already! He's also having to find a boy name that meets his guidelines (Biblical and can't be easily nicknamed) that he actually likes. (Girl name we're set.) 

BIG BROTHERS |  The boys are having a blast with the Tiny Baby and they continue to greet him or her and love on them often. Malachi has started giving my belly kisses which is so sweet. Levi especially loved seeing the baby on ultrasound and wanted to look at the picture every day for several days after. He loves to ask how big the baby is now and look at my pregnancy app with me every week. He's still set on that this baby is a boy. HA. I think he's right but we'll know in a few weeks. 

Okay my polling question -- If you had two of the same gender first, what was your third? We're shocked or not at all? We all are guessing boy. We are truly thrilled either way. If it's a boy, we'll be thrilled and not surprised. If we have a girl, I'll be SHOCKED and also thrilled. 



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