20 Week Update

It's so crazy how fast these weeks are flying by. I'll actually be 21 weeks on Friday! Did I mention I am in no rush for pregnancy to be over?

Here's an update on the 3 of us at 20 weeks!

Sweet Boy:

is (in case you missed our gender announcement) a BOY!
is about the size of a mango.... or a paper airplane.
is kicking like crazy!
has lots of camo in his future.
likes to suck his thumb already. 
has 2nd toes that are bigger than the first like Daddy.
was pretty stubborn at his big level 2. (He sat Indian style on my bladder for the first 20 min or so.)
weighs about 11oz.


is still craving pizza and loving her pregnancy pillow.
is so thankful that it's FALL and chili season (YUM!).
was finally able to cook chicken..... in a crockpot with other ingredients to mask the smell!
is starting to be overwhelmingly clumsy.
feels like she can never get full.
is baffled that her feet have already grown?!
is loving every single second of this beautiful season.
thanks God for Daddy & Baby every day.


loves feeling kicks at night before bed.
made Mommy her first batch of chili for the Fall!
is making big plans for his little buddy to hunt and fish.
has started some projects for the mini man cave.
is still getting used to Mommy's constant appetite.
is so ready for February!
loves this little guy so very much.

Today I have two polling questions for you...

* When were you first able to see kicks from the outside??

* Did your feet grow during any of your pregnancies?

See our 10 and 15 week updates here!
Stay tuned for our little man's name reveal in the next week or so!
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  1. my placenta was anterior and my son was not a big mover, so i hardly ever saw kicks from the outside, lol. my feet definitely got swollen at the end of the pregnancy, and i do feel like they're a tiny bit wider than they used to be.

  2. Brandy,

    I made my way to your blog from your "to the gurl with baby on her Christmas list" blog. This will be my third Christmas with "baby" at the top of my list, and I had to check ahead to see if you were going to either be pregnant or have a baby in your arms for Christmas. I'm so, so happy that you do! Seeing success after infertility makes me hopeful. Congrats on your baby boy!


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