Happy Birthday Husband!

Today the man I get the joy of doing life with turns 28!

While on the outside most see him as this fairly serious yet easy-going guy, if you go the chance to see him all of the time, you see the man who make me laugh harder than anyone I know.

You could often find him making silly faces, wearing crazy outfits, sleeping in odd positions, modeling my crochet creations, and making me smile at any cost.

I knew right from the start that this man would be one to lead me and love me in the ways I'd always prayed for. What I didn't know is how he would have the ability to make the most mundane of moments the most cheerful memories of my life. 

Happy birthday Best Buddy!
I truly love doing life with you! 

And since it's his birthday why not some flashbacks to tiny Joel.... 

.... and the excitement for this mini Joel inside of me only grows! I really ope he looks just like Daddy.... maybe with some red hair though ;). 
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