Baby Miller is a......

6 weeks ago I had an ultrasound and my midwife felt fairly confident that this baby was a boy. However, being that I was only 14 weeks she encouraged us to wait on announcing until that was confirmed at my Level 2 Scan. 

This has been the longest gap between any of our ultrasounds so to say we were excited about seeing little Sweet is an understatement. Though we felt pretty sure from the pictures from our 14 week appointment, we waited for her to confirm or deny our gender assumptions. 

Of course baby was being stubborn at first and was literally sitting Indian style on my bladder ha! After some moving, positions changed and the tech’s words were “Yes! That is definitely a BOY!” 

Bring on the camo, deer antlers, and all things rustic boy!!!!! We are so excited for this little man to arrive!!! 

Today we will be adding BOY items to the registry and this girl already has a list of projects for the mini man cave! 

For those of you who’ve been following along, you know that Joel very much had his heart set on this baby being a little girl. Though he was super excited to be having a son, he also was a little disappointed that his daddy’s girl was not on the way when we had our ultrasound 6 weeks ago. However, in these 6 weeks he’s gotten so attached to his little mini me and even commented yesterday that had they told us girl, he would have been kind of sad. 

Who’s most excited? Well while we are all so excited! But I have to say the best response and most excitement came from Grandpa Miller (Joel’s dad). This is his first grandson and he is ecstatic! He’s already figured that he will be retired by the time this little one is old enough to really get into fishing and he’s dreaming about week long fishing trips with his boy! It really is so sweet. 

We feel so blessed to have the privilege to raise a little man and we are already praying that God will grow him to be a bold, brave man who leads and loves for the glory of God. 

In the next few days I’ll be sharing our 20 week update complete with lots of pictures from the anatomy scan and details on what’s been going on lately! At some point in the next couple weeks we will be sharing his sweet name and why we chose it! Thanks for all the prayers and love for this little guy! 

{Huge thanks to my dear friend Jessie Owens for capturing these sweet moments!}
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  1. Aww!! Congratulations! Boys are awesome!
    <3 a momma of three boys :)

  2. Awe, congratulations! Boys are so much fun!
    My oldest is such an amazing caretaker of his siblings ♡


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