Pregnancy is going by plenty fast enough for me.

A few weeks ago I had to drop by our in-office lab for a routine test. I was only sixteen weeks but because of the lab that was ordered my lab tech thought I was further along. The really sweet mom of three said to me "Here I was thinking you were 24 weeks. You probably wish you were huh?" I debated on whether to be honest or just laugh and drop the subject. But I landed on the former. "Actually, I'm not," I replied. "I really love being pregnant." She was kind of surprised as I'm sure she has women in there often who are just ready to be at the end. She also proceeded to tell me of her difficult pregnancies (problems which I think could make any woman want pregnancy to fly by). 

What's interesting to me is not this specific conversation but the overall "rush" for pregnancy to be over. I remember being 10-12 weeks and so many people making the comment, "you have a long way to go." These words came from friends who had known our story, who had seen our struggle, who had joined our prayers for a baby. But all of a sudden it was naturally assumed that I was eager for this season to pass. 

Maybe I'm weird, but pregnancy is going by plenty fast enough for me.

I will say, I haven't had any major issues and I didn't spend my first trimester puking everywhere. At the same time though, I haven't bypassed most of the symptoms. I was nauseous all the time for the first several weeks, couldn't seem to be awake for more than 3 hours, and felt like my belly might explode from all the bloat. Leg cramps have already taken over (making sleep a fight), our groceries can never keep up with my hunger, and I feel like I have a cold every single morning. Pregnancy has heightened a few of my previous issues such as high blood pressure, IBS, and acid reflux. 

With all of that being said, I've loved every single day of pregnancy.

Maybe it's because for months I begged God to be nauseous... not just made up in my head nauseous but pregnant nauseous. Maybe it's because there were many nights I couldn't sleep wishing that sleeplessness was due to pregnancy or a newborn crying. Maybe it's because I still know so many who'd give anything to have the "not so pleasant symptoms" that pregnancy brings.  
Maybe it's because I'm just one of those women who just truly enjoys being pregnant. 

Maybe I would have been this blissful during pregnancy even if it had happened right away or maybe not.  Maybe the wait is making me cherish every nauseous morning, ever uncomfortable night, and every precious kick. 

Regardless of the why, I'm going to keep on loving this season and all that it holds.
Maybe when I'm waddling at 37 weeks, I'll be more eager for February to arrive. But right now, even though I can't wait to see and hold my precious little one, I'm in no rush to hit 40 weeks. Watching my belly grow, feeling sweet kicks in there, and knowing what an amazing miracle is taking place inside of my body are enough to make me a little sad that next week will be my halfway mark. 

We have tons to look forward to.... our ultrasound next week, two upcoming showers, watching kicks and not just feeling them, decorating a precious nursery, seeing this child's sweet face for the first time, and snuggling like there's no tomorrow. But I'm in no hurry for those moment to come, because I know as quickly as they come, they'll be gone, recorded in a pregnancy book stuck on the shelf. So here's to loving every single day of this beautiful season. It's my favorite one in life so far and 9 months goes faster than I ever could have imagined... well at least these last 4.5 have! 

How about you? Did you love being pregnant? Or were you really eager for it to be just be over? Why/why not?
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