25 Week Update

Friday put me at 25 weeks along! I celebrated by being in bed all day with a stomach virus. Seriously though, just when the week started to get resettled from us being out of town, I was in bed with a not so fun bug. I'm still in shock at the speed of this pregnancy! Only a little over 14 weeks left until due date and with the holidays in the middle of it I know it's going to be super speed. 

Here's an update on the 3 of us at 25 weeks! 

Levi Scott:

is over a foot long! 
had his feet over his head at our 24 week scan.
recognizes and moves at the sound of Daddy's voice.
loves to roll around at night when Mommy lays down.
has quite the collection of clothes starting (thanks to friends, Nana, consignment shopping, and a couple Mommy/Daddy must haves).


is still eating like a teenage boy.
thinks pizza buffets and Olive Gardens unlimited pasta bowls are gifts from God.
is starting to get cankles by the end of the day.
is beginning the struggle to get a restful night of sleep.
is super excited about her cooler weather maternity wardrobe.
so enjoys looking at boy clothes.
is still really loving pregnancy but is getting more and more excited for kisses and snuggles.
thanks God for this sweet boy every day.


is still amazed by Mommy's new appetite.
is loving feeling kicks and movement.
is incredibly ready for Levi to be out so he'll get more baby time.
loves that the rugged boy look is popular right now.
feels like the (almost) 3rd trimester has creeped up on him.
loves seeing our little guy on ultrasounds! 
took Mommy out for a nice date to celebrate our anniversary to (guess)... Olive Garden.

Polling questions for mamas: 
Did you wash all your baby clothes at once? Or wait and wash the lump when they got to that size?
At what point did pregnancy insomnia kick in for you?
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  1. Congratulations! As crazy as it sounds, that last month will seem like forever! Of course, my baby was 3 weeks late!

    Anyway- I did wash all my baby clothes, and wish I didn't. My baby was almost 10lbs, so he couldn't ever wear newborn clothes. I wish I didn't remove tags and wash them then. Maybe just wash a few newborn and a few 3 months, in case you get a big baby like me. :)

    I just had a little boy, my rainbow baby after two miscarriages. I've been following you for a while. I'd love for you to check out my blog at throughthelens-blog.com.


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