Two Beautiful Years of Doing Life Together.

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since I joyfully said "I do" and Joel and I left the altar forever one.   In some ways it's hard to believe it's only been 2 years as I honestly have a hard time remembering what life was like before him. It seems as though he's always been my best friend, the one right by my side. I'm more comfortable with him than I've ever been with anyone. Cheesy I know... but true nonetheless. In other ways, it's hard to believe 2 years has flown by so quickly. It seems like a few short months ago that we were making a guest list, picking out details, sharing our vows, and heading out on our relaxing honeymoon. That entire season holds some of my fondest memories and it's crazy to think that memories that seem happened 2 years ago now. 
To say we've had a blessed year would be an understatement. I never want to make it seem as though our life is perfect, but after being open and transparent though our struggle to conceive, the trials from our car accident and the death of my grandpa, I never want to miss an opportunity to praise God for all the blessings. Marriage with Joel truly is one of the biggest blessings in my life and this year we've got to share more memories, more laughter, more growing, more love, and the sweet joy of conceiving our first child. 
If you've read much of my take on marriage you know that I believe the most beautiful love comes in the most mundane moments, in the day-to-day. Sure I've loved the 2 cruises we've been on, flying across the country to spend time with Joel's family, and all the extraordinary highs that have come in the last two years. But those moments only happen here and there.  My most cherished moments with  Husband come when we're playing cards at the end of the day and we're arguing over who's going to win. They come in curling up right next to him before we drift of to sleep. They come in having a tickle war in the middle of cooking dinner until one of us gives in and calls for truce. Lately they've come in watch our little Levi's heartbeat flicker on the black and white screen. They've come in laying in bed talking to him as he kicks and twirls while we both can feel. They've come in fighting over the registry scanner in Buy Buy Baby consistently. 
A couple months ago while having a typical weekday morning, I was kissing Joel goodbye in our mudroom right before he left for work. Right before we started our normal exchange of "have a good day" and "I love you," Joel had something different to say. 
"I love doing life with you."
It was a phrase so simple but I got tears in my eyes that lasted after his truck had faded into the distance. It sums up why I cherish him and our marriage so very much. I love the doing of life together. It's been two wonderful years and I'm so excited about all those ahead. I pray that in 50 years if the Lord leaves us both on earth that long, we'll be saying just what Joel said that morning... "I love doing life with you.

Here you can read last year's anniversary post about Becoming We, my tips on Living as One Flesh after the altar, or some of our wedding details. 
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