"Dance slow, okay?"

It's truly crazy how fast time goes by. With Facebook now presenting me with what happened 3/4/5 years ago on this day, I seem to be more sentimental more often. 

Just 4 years ago I was a college girl spending my Fall Break in Florida with friends that I will always see as family. But on this day 3 years ago, I did the 9 hour drive to DE to settle into my new home. I can remember it like it was yesterday. 

I remember crying as I said goodbyes to Mom, Grams and sweet Pa (all while he was begging me to stay). I remember jamming out to Taylor Swift with my sister in the passenger seat.... knowing those moments would now be few and far between because she would fly back to VA in only 2 short days. I can remember the newness of sleeping in a bedroom not familiar... knowing that before long that space would feel like home. 

For the most part, these last few years have FLOWN by. Three years ago I had never even met Joel Miller, the man I now call Husband and Best Friend. Since then we've met, dated, planned a wedding, became one, enjoyed marriage, struggled to conceive, and are now daily celebrating this sweet boy in my womb. 

This weekend we were at some friends' house sharing a meal and catching up. Our sweet little Flower Girl is now 4 years old and she says such cute phrases I feel the need to record the whole time I'm around her. 

After a lovely dance performance for us in her living room she decides she's ready to play "Ball." No not the kind of ball where we go outside and pitch to her or shoot some hoops. The Ball where she is "Cinderella, of course.

She handed out all the roles and after I (the Fairy Godmother) fixed her dress with my magic wand, she completely melted Husband's heart. She walked up, grabbed his hand, and in the most proper little princess voice said, "Joel, you are the prince. You have to come to the Ball and dance with me." (Have I mentioned this is the little girl that started Joel's begging for a daughter 2 years ago?)

After getting his melted heart up off the floor, he proceeded to the Ball Room for a dance with the Princess. It was my job of course to warn them when the time was running out. I went to the door to let them know that the time was 11:59. 
Then sweet Aubree turned to Joel and said "Dance slow, okay?

Tears came to my eyes as I realized how simple it seemed to her. Yes, maybe I'm overly sentimental and hormonal these days but it seems like time is just zipping by. In 3 days from now I'll be 24 weeks  along and we'll be that much closer to coming face to face with our precious son. I feel like I've blinked and the last 3 years have gone by. 

So maybe dancing slow won't make the clock tick any slower..... but maybe if we dance slower we can breathe in each second a little better. This week we're doing a little vacation/babymoon. I'm telling myself and Joel and little Levi and even you to "dance slow, okay?
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  1. So sweet! You and Joel are so special to all of us! Aubree enjoyed every visit with you! This momma is in tears!! Time goes by way too quickly!


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