More Funny Quotes from Husband on Pregnancy

Yes, I've been absent for a bit again. I'm sad to admit that I even wrote up a post for the last day of October, hit publish, and didn't notice that it actually didn't publish until 3 days later.... terrible blogger award. On with the fun stuff...

From the day we got our positive, I started keeping a note on my phone of all the funny things that Joel says related to pregnancy... boy am I glad I did. I shared some of those with you from the 1st trimester and believe it or not, another trimester has ended! Crazy much?!?!

I hope you have a good laugh reading Husband's quotes on pregnancy from the 2nd trimester! 


We were at an ultrasound right before we found out the gender and Joel said something about "him" being cute. Up until that point he had only called the baby a she so I called him on it. His response, 
"I just reach out grab a pronoun."

Your realize in a year from now our baby will be over a year old? 
....Me at 17 weeks... Let's go back to math class shall we? ha

This time next year he'll be getting his first buck. I'll hold him the dear stand and take his bottle: I know how to change his diaper. I'll pull back the bow and put his finger on there.

Me talking about feeling the baby move inside of me and how awesome it is. 
Joel - "I'm jealous but I'm not. I'm satisfied with the putting him in there. I'll let you do the growing and the pushing back out. I'll do the Popsicle runs and the pizza runs gladly."

We're on the way home and I really needed to go potty and Levi is kicking making it even more difficult... "Son, stop kicking your mommy or I will punish you. I'm not sure how I'm going to do that while you're inside of her, but I will punish you."

We were picking out books for the registry and Joel says,
"Don't register for Bambi. I don't want him to be sad when Daddy kills one."

"You're going to need to share him a lot. He's my baby too. I feel like you're going to have him all the time." --- Someone is a little paranoid about not getting enough cuddle time ha. I promise I'm not stingy.

I'm pushing at my stomach to try to get Levi to move.... "Be careful! Not so hard. I don't want you to hurt him." ... You should have seen his face a few days later when the ultrasound tech was doing the same thing with the wand on  my belly.

"It's not all kisses and snuggles you know." ---Joel pretending to be the baby expert.

Joel was asking me about my water intake so I turned the questioning back on him to ask about how many glasses of sweet tea he'd had that day... "Tea is basically flavored water." 

We were on vacation and I was 20 weeks pregnant. We had been apart from each other the week prior.... "Seems like just the other day we were trying to take a picture of your baby bump and could barely see it. Now it's like BOOM." 

"Levi won't throw up on me. He's my boy."
You keep telling yourself that pal.

A few days later we were in the nursery on a Sunday and our friends' daughter starts spitting up. He immediately hands her to me and says, "She's leaking." 
He later made numerous promises that he wouldn't do this with Levi haha.

I'm snacking on cheese before bed and Joel starts laughing when I shoot him a look.
"I'm not trying to laugh at you... I just am."

"You're not having a hot flash. You're having a hot all the time."

Us discussing the birth plan and me talking about hoping to not arrive at the hospital until I'm 6 or 7 cm. Joel says "Is there a way we can know how far dilated you are before we leave home?" I tell him that I'm sure my midwife would gladly teach him how to check my cervix. Y'all, the look on his face... priceless. "No, I'm good. Never mind."

Us discussing the birth plan if it's a full on snow or ice storm outside. "You can just deliver in the tub. I'll go on YouTube and watch some home birth videos to make sure I'm prepared to deliver him." 
Ha... that's not the actual plan. Don't freak out Mom.

This one is just for giggles in case we you missed it on Facebook. Joel likes to play hide and seek with our dog. He says it helps keep her "smart." A couple weeks ago, I rounded the corner to find him  here... behind the fridge ON the kitchen counter. Thank goodness it wasn't my dinner prep side. Can you imagine the craziness that will be in my house when Levi starts walking and him and Dad are in a constant game of hide and seek?

There will be plenty more to come of these. Somehow I suspect that the 3rd trimester/labor quotes will only be more entertaining.
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