30 Week Update

It's crazy how fast 5 weeks seems to pass by! This past Friday put me at 30 weeks pregnant and this Saturday will put us at exactly 2 months from his due date! We're getting so so close to meeting our little Levi.

Levi Scott:
(You can read why we chose that name here.)
is about the size of a Summer Cantaloupe... or a Motorcycle Helmet.
weighed in at 2lbs 11oz at his 28 week scan and is likely over 3lbs by now.
loves to twist and turn after Mommy eats.
was showing off his muscles for Daddy at the last ultrasound.... or at least that's what the tech told Joel haha.
has started kicking Mommy in the ribs some.
is so incredibly loved already.


is thrilled to get to not only feel the movements but watch them now too! 
feels as though she could potty every 5 seconds.
is starting to have difficulty picking up items from the floor.
still wants pizza often but is also having a major love for Apple Jacks currently.
thinks she could live in maternity leggings forever.
is super excited for her baby shower coming up.
is taking some couch time this week in hopes to get her blood pressure down.
is savoring every minute of her pregnant belly, movement from Levi, and quiet moments with Daddy.
thanks God everyday for this precious little boy.

is now in full on nursery project mode.
can not wait until his "little buddy" is in his arms.
insists that once he's born, he gets to hold him all evening since I will have him all day.
has got to see him move a couple of times but is still loving feeling strong kicks and turns.
picks up everything Mommy drops without her having to ask.
is already spoiling us both.

My question for you Mommas out there is this... Did you write a birth plan and if so, did you feel as though your nurses took it seriously?
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