Our Little Levi | One Month

Wow. How much has changed since I last pulled up this little space of mine. Currently our little guy is sleeping on Daddy's chest and I'm racing against the clock knowing he'll wake to eat at anytime. My hands are rarely empty but my heart is so so full. 
Hopefully within this month I'll backtrack and share details about the birth, NICU stay, and thoughts on the newness of motherhood. For now, though I wanted to pop in and give a little current update.
Tuesday made one month since Little Man exited my cozy womb and breathed his first breath in this great big world. We are so thankful for how well he is doing. I will admit I miss being pregnant and hate I missed out on those last 6 weeks but we are loving every day with our precious boy and know this all worked out exactly as it should have.
Current age: 1 Month (as of the 26th)
Current Weight: 5lbs 6.8oz
Current Length: 19.5 inches
Levi is growing right on track for his early entry. He's actually pretty long for his age and weight is pretty average. He's wearing preemie onsies and pants but his limbs have been too long for the preemie sleepers since he was 1.5 weeks old. He wears newborn sleepers and one piece outfits and newborn diapers as well. He also has quite the hat selection thanks to Nana's crochet hobby.
He is eating really well all things considered. He started out on a feeding tube in the NICU (due to the CPAP) and has fluctuated between bottles and breastfeeding since he was 1 week old. He was nursing like a champ when we first came home. However we were doing weight checks 2x/week and one of those he dropped 2oz instead of gaining so just to be on the safe side we incorporated bottles of breastmilk to our routine. He's had 4 gaining checks now and we are in the process of switching over to primarily breast feeding. He's gained from 4lbs 10.6oz (birth weight) to 5lbs 6.8oz!
He smiles a ton, although it's mostly random. They expect that will become more intentional and responsive in the next month. He's already tracking and making great eye contact. We look for all these social developments to continue to improve on track with a full term newborn even though he might be a little behind physically for the first bit.
His biggest issue/challenge currently is acid reflux which is pretty common in preemies. Our pediatrician made a few suggestions/changes today that we are hopefully will help make that less painful and frequent for him. 
He loves to snuggle and enjoys his regular late evening nap on Daddy's chest. He loves being wrapped in the Moby wrap or stuffed in my tank top. that's where he spends most of his day.
Favorite moment from the month: Our first night home from the hospital. We laid on the couch snuggled up as I cried. Life just seemed way too good to be real.

Funny moment from the month: Also our first night home. Levi had an explosive poop while we were changing him. He literally sprayed poop on the wall and Joel had to move the furniture to wash the wall. HA! "Welcome to parenthood Mom & Dad." 
We are incredibly in love and soaking up every bit of this beautiful season.
Thank you all for all the love, prayers, and kind messages over the last month. I hope to be back with lots more info soon but for now I will leave you with more cute pictures.

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