10 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby Miller #2

Today I am 10 weeks pregnant with Baby Miller #2! It's been such a fun 5 weeks since we found out that this little one was growing inside of me and the whole family is pretty thrilled.

(If you missed our announcement, you can find that HERE.)

I tried to do updates with Levi around every 5 weeks and that's my goal for this time around as well. I love being able to look back and see what I was experiencing with that pregnancy and I know I will appreciate that this time as well. 

BABY | Little Baby is around the size of a butterfly or 1.25 inches. We got to see him or her for the first time a little over a week ago and there was a beautiful little heart beating away. My lovely pregnancy app tells me that he or she is starting to form teeth buds along with elbows and other joints. It is truly miraculous to think of what happens inside the womb. In these few short weeks this baby has already formed a head and a body, arms and legs, and several organs. Only our beautiful God could orchestrate such amazing work! 

MOMMA | I'm having a pretty textbook pregnancy at this point. I'm nauseous pretty much all day but it lightens with food. I NEED to nap when Levi snoozes but it doesn't always happen. I've been incredibly bloated and have lower back pain. It's time to pull out the pregnancy pillow and start routine chiro visits. All in all, I'm really good. They symptoms are there enough to comfort me but not enough to make me not functional. I'm so thankful for all that I'm experiencing and count it such a huge blessing to be going through this again. I am also pretty sure I felt flutters a few mornings ago while still laying in bed. I tried to dismiss them as I know it's still early but they just kept coming. It was so incredibly cool to be reminded of that feeling. 

DADDY | Joel is loving knowing there is another baby growing, although he still seems to be in shock sometimes. He can't wait to get to feel the baby move and is hoping to avoid the pregnancy pillow for as long as possible. HA. He (like I) can't wait to see Levi as a big brother and hold this new little one in his arms. He did a great job at surprising me with a night out for dinner and painting for my birthday and is also keeping me pretty spoiled when it comes to my random food wishes. 

LEVI | Levi completely understands that there is a baby in my belly. (Although he sometimes gets confused and thinks there's one in his and Daddy's too. haha) He loves to lift up my shirt and pat my belly and say "awe baby." Talk about my heart exploding. The other day he even brought his Captain America shield to my belly requesting that the "baby play." He's also tried to offer his paci to the baby/my belly. All this baby talk has fueled his already crazy love for babies. He's so fascinated with his best bud's little brother and wants to stare at him and pat his back every time he's around. He also likes to rock his baby doll and put him down for a nap (see picture below). It really is so darn cute. 

We are continually praising Jesus for this sweet miracle inside of me! 

We'll see how much blogging I actually accomplish during this pregnancy but I will hopefully be back in at least 5 weeks with another update!


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