15 Week Update Baby #4

This past Saturday I hit the 15 week mark which I'm still trying to wrap my head around. A friend this week said I feel like I've missed half your pregnancy and I said "well we all have given I didn't find out until almost 7 weeks." Maybe it was the shock of this one amidst the confusing health issues or the delayed knowledge of it or the reality that the 3 out of my womb keep me quite busy these days, but I feel like it's really just now sinking in that we're getting to do this all again. These every 5 week updates were something I've done through all my pregnancies and I'm going to try to keep it up again. (we'll see ha) I mainly enjoy having it all recorded in a similar place but am also happy to share them for those of you out there who love the details like I do. (If you missed our announcement and how we found out you can read that HERE

Little Baby | Levi has been constantly referring to this one as "little baby" (as opposed to "tiny baby" when it was Cora Mae and "my baby" when it was Malachi). By the next time we write we'll know the gender and name of "Little Baby" but for now we stick with his nickname. Little Baby is the size of an avocado, has been very active on our ultrasounds, and has started practice breathing and swallowing. Its so amazing to me how quickly they grow and and have all their functioning organs. It's a miraculous design that's for sure. 

Momma | I have been feeling some better. More energy and less nausea both of which I'm thankful for. While I'm still not back to my "normal" pregnant self, I'm thankful for improvement and that also my recent bloodwork came back normal. My new integrative medical NP is running some further bloodwork to look into the possibility of Lyme and Mono. At this point I'm just thankful that it doesn't seem to be affecting my liver function currently nor the pregnancy from what we can tell. I've enjoyed feeling a few flutters here and there this last week or so and am looking forward to more distinct kicks hopefully coming soon. I've been craving Chick-Fil-A fries with extra ketchup (something I've loved every pregnancy) and cheeseburgers (what I also craved during Malachi's pregnancy). While I'm feeling tired and weird about food and also having back pain, I still very much enjoy being pregnant. Getting to experience this miracle is something that doesn't get old for me and I just feel very thankful. 

Daddy | At this point, Joel knows the drill and is really great about letting me get extra sleep and bearing with all my weird food desires and dislikes. He's been doing even more cooking than his typical and thankfully he's really good at it. (Definitely more creative than I am in that area.) We've enjoyed him having December and January off of seminary and have enjoyed getting to watch a show or play a board game after the kids are in bed now that I can stay up past 9pm again. He's excited to find out the gender soon and see if we even the score (his vote) or add another to boy pack (my vote). We both really are so happy either way.

Big Siblings | Levi is giddy as ever and is constantly saying how happy is that God gave us this little baby and prayed yesterday morning that the baby would grow up to believe in Jesus. (Cue my heart melting.) Him and Malachi have both been extra snuggly to me and my belly these last few weeks and have definitely started noticing how much bigger my bump is getting. Malachi likes to randomly run up and say "You have a baby in there!" haha. He loves talking about what we're going to name the baby and really enjoys looking at the ultrasound photo he was given. Our local Christian pregnancy center is training new ultrasound techs and has needed people to practice on so we've been able to go twice all together as a family and see the baby. They've loved that and insist that the baby was waving at them.  (It really did look like it both times.) I don't think Cora Mae quite realizes what's going on yet though she will point at my belly and say baby. I'm excited to see how she is closer to time and am hoping that she follows in her bubbas' footsteps of not being jealous but just excited. That's going to take some progress as right now she doesn't even like to share Daddy with her big brothers haha.

Polling question (I always enjoy doing these) -- 
What was your strangest pregnancy symptom? 
Mine for me is that I struggle with carpal tunnel numbness and pain at night. But only during pregnancy.

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